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Bold Fork July Book Club: RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER by Sally Andrew

Bold Fork July Book Club: RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER by Sally Andrew

    July 30, 2024 @ 06:30pm


    Our food writiting section has it all - fiction, memoir, food studies, history and more. Led by a member of our team, Bold Fork Book Club is a monthly in-shop event where we pick a book to read ahead and discuss together in a group-- with snacks!

    If you want to learn more about food and meet other members of the Bold Fork community, this is the group for you. Past Book Club books have included: Franchise by Marica Chatelain, Land of Milk and Honey by Pamela Zhang, and Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson among others.


    “In a year with several exciting first novels, South African author Sally Andrew pretty much takes the crown with her appealing debut—the exotic locale, the lovely patois and the heroine's unique sensibility make Ms. Andrew's recipes a blue-ribbon winner.”—Wall Street Journal

    Food writer turned advice columnist Annie Maria has a knack and a passion for helping readers hungry for help with matters of the heart. The middle-aged widow better know as Tannie “Auntie” Maria loves to cook (and eat) and a recipe is always part of the remedy she offers.

    When a woman desperate to escape her abusive husband is murdered after contacting Tannie Maria, the curious columnist becomes dangerously entwined in the investigation. The victim’s story has forced her to face the pain of her own past, and she's determined to see justice done. Kannemeyer, the handsome detective assigned to the case, is equally determined to keep the charming Tantie Maria safe. But his job won’t be easy, because this practical, down-to-earth woman has suddenly mixed herself up in something much more sinister than perfecting a chocolate cake . . .


    Sally Andrew lives in a mud-brick house on a nature reserve in the Klein Karoo, South Africa. Her background is in social and environmental activism. She has a Masters in Adult Education. The Satanic Mechanic is a sequel to Recipes for Love and Murder, which has been published in thirteen languages across five continents.

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