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Magazine F: Curry (Issue 9)

Magazine F: Curry (Issue 9)

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    CURRY, which “straddles the line between an ingredient and a finished dish”.  Magazine F celebrates the diversity of curry, by featuring chefs, spice merchants and “curryographers” (curry enthusiasts who document every spicy encounter) from around the world. Join our journey as we spotlight the layers and versatility of curry, and sit down to talk to people who serve curry dishes in global urban food hubs like London, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul.

    Curry is a combination of herbs, turmeric, pepper, and other spices that is enjoyed at a stew-like consistency with carbohydrates like rice and bread. Originating from India in the mid-18th century, curry quickly popularized and spread around the globe by South Asian immigrants who settled in London. Japan also played a critical role in boosting the food as a convenient home-cooked meal when the country invented curry powder. Curry has made an indelible imprint on street food, which is leading trends in mainstream culinary culture. The versatile food has been interpreted in countless ways by countless cultures to become a universal food eclipsing recipes, borders, and traditions.

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