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Magazine F: Honey (Issue 8)

Magazine F: Honey (Issue 8)

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    Mankind has always depended on honey to add sweetness to food. Honey is created from the chemical process of breaking down the nectar that honeybees collect from flowers and plants into glucose and fructose. Like wine, honey comes in different flavors depending on flower species and environments, making it a perfect ingredient for desserts and cocktails. Also, bees are scientifically proven to helping crops to reproduce through pollination, and they are responsible for the preservation of plant resources and ecological circulation. Avocados, almonds, cucumbers, and apples are a few fruits directly affected by bees survival. Now, awareness surrounding bees plight has sparked a wave of urban beekeeping and new discussions about locally sourced foods and environment preservation.

    We need to look more closely at honey since it is an ingredient created through an exchange between plants and animals. Bees get food from flowers, flowers get pollinated by bees, and humans get honey — all of which makes up a story of circulation. This is the story covered by this issue of F. We hope it shapes viewpoints on food an ingredients. Many of our readers who pick up this issue because they are interested in honey as a food ingredient welcome to think about coexistence on earth after reading it. — Suyong Joh, Publisher

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