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Fermenter (Aaron Adams, Liz Crain)

Fermenter (Aaron Adams, Liz Crain)

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    Like The Noma Guide to Fermentation but with a punk, DIY aesthetic and a it's-OK-to-fail ethos, Fermenter provides the sought-after secrets and words of wisdom from top fermentation educators, Aaron Adams and Liz Crain.

    Based in Portland, Oregon (vegan capital of America), the Fermenter restaurant specializes in culinary fermentation to achieve their unique funky flavors. Learn how to handcraft local bean-and-grain tempehs, fresh and aged vegan cheeses, fizzy probiotic drinks, and koji ferments and revolutionize the flavor profiles in your home kitchen! They empower you to follow them down this highly addictive (and inexpensive) path, resulting in totally DIY food, free from mass-produced or corporate anything.

    Whether you're a pickle wizard already or a just want to level up your home-cook vegan cred, there are more than 60 tantalizing recipes, including:
    • North Coast Kraut (made with seaweed!) is a great beginner's lacto-ferment, full of probiotic goodness
    • Chickpea Miso: a more complex, longer-lead ferment & pantry staple
    • Koji Beet Reuben: put those koji skills to work with this umami bomb
    • Cheesy Jojo Supreme with Tempeh Bacon: the perfect stoner food, like if stuffed potato skins were a nacho dish

    Beware: Vegetables will be slaughtered.
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