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Fine Dining for Babies (Adam Crockett, Haydon Perrior)

Fine Dining for Babies (Adam Crockett, Haydon Perrior)

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    Know someone that’s just had a baby or maybe you’ve got a tiny tot of your own? Take them on a culinary journey to success with Fine Dining for Babies, the cookbook that not only tantalises your baby's taste buds but also helps pave the way to a prosperous future.

    Across 21 fabulous recipes, Fine Dining for Babies shows how parents can elevate their babies’ mealtimes in amusing, opulent and down-right ridiculous ways. From cooking ‘Bilingual Alphabet Soup’ to improve their French ahead of Monaco to creating ‘Gold Leaf PB&J Sandwiches’. Indulge in chapters like 'Weaning with Meaning’ and discover what it means to be a ‘Diaper Sommelier'. Each meal comes with photos by renowned photographer Haydon Perrior, who showcases a completely new blend of luxury dining and whimsical baby utensils. Whilst child expert, and early years educator of the year, Charlotte Barry has overseen the project to guarantee maximum satisfaction for your loved one.
    Why settle for a mere sandbox participant when your child could be a trilingual trading prodigy with a flair for code? Dive into the world of Fine Dining for Babies and unveil how gourmet meals are the golden key to untapped genius. Fine Dining for Babies is a meticulously crafted blueprint for raising future CEOs that can sit at the heads of unnecessarily long boardroom tables. Because life isn’t just about surviving the rigours of diaper diplomacy, it's about securing your VIP place in the playground of global giants. The 21 dishes for 6 - 36 months are all classic baby food with a luxurious twist. Ranging from high-end weaning sticks, beautifully over-the-top breakfasts, lovely lunches and divine desserts. Whilst each dish is a little ludicrous, they are all delicious and you’ll find plenty of milestones for your child’s nutritional development.

    Fine Dining for Babies goes beyond the plate. Discover the importance of highchair dinner attire and master the fine craft of being a ‘Diaper Sommelier'. And after a strenuous day of orchestrating corporate playdates, lull your young executive to sleep with a soulful serenade of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Caviar".
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