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Korean Made Easy (Seji Hong)

Korean Made Easy (Seji Hong)

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    An easy guide to Korean cooking, by mix and matching seven essential ingredients, along with some easy-to-find additions.

    Korean ingredients such as kimchi, gochujang and sesame oil are ubiquitous in kitchens worldwide and continuing to grow in popularity. But Korean food has a reputation of being longwinded and full of difficult-to-source ingredients.

    Korean Made Easy dispels this myth, and shows how only seven basic store-cupboard essentials are required to recreate the flavors that make up the cuisine: Gochujang, Doenjang, Ganjang (soy sauce), Rice, Sesame oil, Fish sauce, Gochugaru, which, along with just a few additional ingredients that can be found in supermarkets, make up all the dishes in the book. Seji also highlights ingredient swaps throughout.

    Chapters include Kimchi, Small dishes/banchan, Rice & noodles, Soups & stews, Noodles & rice, Korean BBQ, Seoul-style street food, Korean tapas & twists, Seji's sauce remix and Sweet & Soju. Approximately 80 recipes will include classics such as Bibimbap, Japchae and Beef Bulgogi, more contemporary dishes such as Gochujang Sausage Spaghetti, 3 ways to update your Ramyeon (Korean packet noodles) and 3 ways to make Korean Fried Chicken, as well as delicious soju-based cocktails, which include a Watermelon Soju Punch.

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