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Let's Make Sushi! (Andy Matsuda)

Let's Make Sushi! (Andy Matsuda)

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    Making sushi at home has never been easier or more fun with this foolproof guide and recipe book from a pro sushi chef.

    Make Incredible Sushi in Your Own Kitchen

    Learn the essential techniques to make delicious, properly executed sushi with your own two hands, no matter your skill level. From creative rolls and classic nigiri to beautiful sashimi plates, these helpful tutorials will hone your skills with detailed photos that walk you through every motion and movement. Chef Andy Matsuda, a master sushi chef and founder of the Sushi Chef Institute, breaks down his most important lessons on rolling your rolls, cutting your fish and forming your pieces. You’ll sharpen your craftsmanship with each recipe you try—including how to master sushi rice—and foster a deeper appreciation for this traditional cuisine thanks to Chef Andy’s insights and wisdom.

    Follow along and make rolls of all varieties—Hosomaki (rice inside), Uramaki (rice outside) and Futomaki (thick rolls)—and enjoy recipes like the Tuna Dragon Roll, Salmon Sunset Roll, Rainbow Roll and more. Practice the classic cutting technique for nigiri (the Sogigiri Neta Cut) then make Tuna, Yellowtail and even Uni nigiri, along with fun variations for seared and marinated pieces. Learn the five most common sashimi cuts and plate up classic ensembles of Salmon and Scallop or Chef Andy’s Combination Plate. Helpful guides even teach you proper Japanese plating and garnishing styles, so you can achieve that quintessential sushi bar look. With Chef Andy’s expert guidance, you’ll make sushi like a master and enjoy your favorite Japanese dishes for years to come.

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