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Magazine F: Mushroom (Issue 23)

Magazine F: Mushroom (Issue 23)

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    Depending on the type, mushrooms in various shapes are a type of fungus that do not belong to animals or plants, and they are divided into silient and mycelium. The fungus that sucks nutrients is mainly attached to the roots of the tree in the form of fluff or silola, and is a breeding organ that blooms to make spores and spread offspring, that is, the mushroom that we use as food. Mushrooms representing each region, such as flakes, flakes, bear mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms, have a natural taste and unique aroma, which is closely connected to the food from all over the world.

    In particular, truffles, which are famous as special products in central Italy, have the value of being comparable to precious metals and have been used as high-quality ingredients. Meanwhile, outside the area of classical gastronomy is emerging as the core material for the development of alternative meat and new materials, expanding its possibilities indefinitely.

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