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Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine (Oz Clarke)

Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine (Oz Clarke)

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    Uncork Oz Clarke’s Story of Wine – this fully revised and updated edition of The History of Wine in 100 Bottles brings the rich history of winemaking to the present day, to give you the perfect gift for any wine lover.

    Join Oz Clarke on a journey through the ages as he explores the places, the people and the bottles that have shaped the captivating history of wine.

    Starting from the probable birth of a wine culture in ancient Georgia, Oz travels from 6000 BC through the fact and fiction of Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, and then along the winding trail right up to the latest innovations in winemaking today.

    Packed with sparkling wit and charismatic storytelling, Oz shares more than a hundred fascinating tales and woven into these are probably a hundred more. From revered medieval monks to revolutionary discoveries, Oz paints a wonderfully vivid picture of the ever-evolving story of wine.

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