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Paula Peck’s Art of Good Cooking (Paula Peck)

Paula Peck’s Art of Good Cooking (Paula Peck)

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    New York: Simon & Schuster, 1966. Hardcover. Book Club Edition.

    Paula Peck (1908–1992) was an American cookbook author and cooking instructor known for her approachable yet sophisticated style. Lauded by luminaries like James Beard and Craig Claiborn, her cookbooks The Art of Fine Baking and Paula Peck’s Art of Good Cooking quickly became touchstones. The Art of Good Cooking not only features a diverse array of meticulously crafted recipes but also emphasizes the principles and techniques that underlie the art of preparing delicious and thoughtfully executed meals. It’s also refreshingly modern with many recipes that would feel just at home in today’s kitchens as they did in 1966. Just as her culinary star was rising, Peck died suddenly at the young age of 45. Her legacy endures through her written works and the impact she had on generations of cooks. Her emphasis on the artistry of cooking, coupled with her commitment to making gourmet techniques accessible, continues to inspire those who seek to elevate their culinary skills and appreciate the joy of creating delicious meals. 

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