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Islas (Von Diaz)

Islas (Von Diaz)

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    An intimate reflection on tropical island cooking's bold flavors and big stories, with 125 recipes, from celebrated food writer Von Diaz. 

    The islands spanning the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans are remarkable places, sharing dozens of ingredients and cooking techniques, including marinating, pickling and fermentation, braising and stewing, frying, grilling and smoking, and steaming and in-ground roasting. Bold flavors drip from the edges of each dish with tastes that represent stories of resistance, persistence, and wisdom passed down from generation to generation.

    This narrative cookbook by writer, documentary producer, and author Von Diaz travels across oceans and nations to uplift the shared ancestral cooking techniques of these islands in more than 125 recipes, including intimate profiles of the historical context of each technique, stories from islanders, and step-by-step guides for recreating them at home.

    Recipes include:
    • Coco Bread from Jamaica
    • Arroz con Jueyes (Stewed Crab Rice) from Puerto Rico
    • Masikita (Papaya-Marinated Beef Skewers) from Madagascar
    • Bebek Betutu (Roasted Duck in Banana Leaf) from Indonesia 
    • Lechon Kawali (Crispy Fried Pork Belly) from the Philippines
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