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Smithsonian American Table (Lisa Kinglsey)

Smithsonian American Table (Lisa Kinglsey)

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    From the Smithsonian Institution, the real story of the American table in a beautifully designed collection of snapshots, stories, and recipes from the pre-colonial era through today, including the people and events that have often been left out.

    In this exploration of the American table, the Smithsonian Institution presents a fresh look at what and how we’ve fed ourselves, for sustenance and for pleasure, through the lens of location, immigration, ingenuity, innovation, and culture, with an emphasis on the people, events, and movements that have been left out of the dominant story.

    Learn how Native Americans have been working to reclaim their traditional foodways and achieve food sovereignty to improve the health of their communities, how a Black female chef gained renowned and culinary influence by showcasing her skills on her own television show in Jim Crow-era New Orleans, and how everything from fondue to Jell-O salads to pumpkin spice (even in hummus) became national obsessions.

    With chapters spanning coast to coast and from the pre-Columbus era to today, this inclusive, enlightening, and entertaining collection uncovers a real look at American food and its history.

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