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Sweet and Easy Japanese Desserts (Laure Kie)

Sweet and Easy Japanese Desserts (Laure Kie)

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    Japanese desserts from Mochi to Matcha, Manju, Yokan, Anpan, Castella, Wagashi, Dorayaki, Daifuku—and everything in between!

    Traditional recipes for mochi, wagashi, manju, dorayaki, anpan, melon pan and many others meet the classic Japanese cookies, cakes, tarts, ice creams and custards that are now popular worldwide. Japanese flavors infuse and transform your favorite desserts and create newfound indulgences you can easily prepare at home!

    Featuring easily accessible ingredients and recipes that are adapted with the Western baker and home cook in mind, Sweet and Easy Japanese Desserts offers 42 delicious recipes grouped into four tempting chapters:

    • Traditional Japanese Desserts like Dorayaki Red Bean Pancakes, Cherry Blossom Mochi and Castella Honey Sponge Cake
    • Western-style Japanese Desserts like Strawberry Matcha and Apricot Mochi Ice Cream and Black Sesame Panna Cotta
    • Popular Matcha-based Desserts featuring Matcha Cake, Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha Lemon Tarts and more
    • Asian Desserts like Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts, Korean Crepes and Strawberry Wontons

    For a dessert course like no other, the tempting treats in Sweet and Easy Japanese Desserts will surprise and delight you!
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