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The Sweet Side of Sourdough (Caroline Schiff)

The Sweet Side of Sourdough (Caroline Schiff)

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    In this incredible collection, professional pastry chef Caroline Schiff shares all her favorite ways to incorporate sourdough into delectable sweet treats.

    Transform Your Idea of What Sourdough Baking Can Be

    You’ve mastered a basic boule and perhaps ventured into a savory sourdough focaccia, but have you tried your hand at a scrumptious Peach and Ricotta Focaccia or decadent Orange-Pistachio Caramel Sticky Buns? Pastry Chef extraordinaire Caroline Schiff is here to show you all the creative (and delicious!) ways you can put your sourdough starter—both active starter and discard—to good use in recipes sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Add a unique layer of flavor to mouthwatering pies and tarts like Apple- Maple Crumble Pie, Malted Milk and Dark Chocolate Tart and Blueberry– Lemon Thyme Cobbler. Transform your favorite breakfast pastries into the things of your sourdough dreams with recipes like Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Scones, Caramelized Blueberry-Basil Blintzes and Lemon Sugar Crêpes. And enhance your next celebration with showstopping cakes like Tangerine Dream Cake, Apple–Sour Cream Crumb Cake and Olive Oil, Cherry and Almond Torte.

    With all of Caroline’s tips and tricks for building and maintaining a sourdough starter as well as a host of crowd-pleasing desserts, sweet breads and naturally leavened pastries, this book is sure to open your eyes to new, exciting sourdough recipes.

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