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Whole Beast Butchery (Ryan Farr)

Whole Beast Butchery (Ryan Farr)

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    Dubbed a rock star butcher by the New York Times, San Francisco chef and self-taught meat expert Ryan Farr demystifies the butchery process with 500 step-by-step photographs, master recipes for key cuts, and a primer on tools, techniques, and meat handling.

    DIY fever + quality meat mania = old-school butchery revival!

    Home cooks and people interested in the future of food sustainability are now buying small farm–raised meat in butcher-sized portions. Whole Beast Butchery is the first butchery book to teach by explaining, and showing, exactly what butchers know. Through 500 color photos, butcher and chef Ryan Farr demonstrates how to break down beef, lamb, and pork into manageable cuts of meat.

    Whether readers want to learn how to turn a primal cut into familiar and special cuts or to simply identify and evaluate what they find at the market, this visual manual is the ultimate guide to home butchering and enjoying quality meats handled with care. A culinary guide that is instructive and unique, it also includes recipes, tips, and tools for handling meat from the founder of 4505 Meats himself.

    ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR MEAT LOVERS: Step-by-step photos and clear, instructive text make this meat book a must-have for learning all about mastering the art of whole animal butchery.

    MEAT CUTS BOOK FOR HANDY REFERENCE: For those who purchase, prepare, and cook meat, Whole Beast Butchery offers an indispensable visual guide to understanding different cuts of meat and how best to use them.

    EXPERT AUTHOR: Classically trained chef Ryan Farr developed his artisan butchery techniques during his time heading a Michelin Star restaurant. He went on to found San Francisco-based 4505 Meats in 2009 with his wife, Cesalee, and continues to run the business with a dedication to supporting the Bay Area community and food movement.

    Perfect for:
    • Home chefs, foodies, and artisan cooking enthusiasts
    • Anyone interested in butchery techniques and the art of meat cutting
    • Birthday, housewarming, or host/hostess gift for adventurous home cooks
    • For fans of The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook, Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, and Pat LaFrieda's book Meat: Everything You Need to Know
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